3D Metrology
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Measurement of complete surfaces
through lateral and rotational stitching

Evaluation according to
DIN/EN/ISO standards

Quick and reliable
measurement results
with the confocal system

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The confocal microscope CONSIGNO is a 3D-surface measurement system, equipped with a spinning microlens disk.

The approved measurement principle in combination with an innovative and solid mechanical construction ensures highest precision and reliability for all measurement challenges.

The sensor unit is characterized by a small frame size with a length of 25 cm and a wight of less than 2 kg. Through a newly developed, completely integrated scanning unit, a large scanning area with several millimeters is accomplished.

This ensures a broad range of applications from all different kinds of measurement challenges.





measurement task

To solve your measurement objective appropriately, an individualized offer is the best way to do it.

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In close cooperation with you, twip optical solutions develops the requirements and specifications for your optimal measurement system.

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We develop a customized concept for you. The application is also made to achieve an innovative and individualized solution, which completely meets your requirements.


Axial Resolution

The axial or depth resolution defines the smallest detectable height feature. According to the VDI/VDE 2655 guideline the axial resolution is determined from the areic root mean square height (sq-value) of the difference of two measurements. For a confocal microscope the achievable resolution is directly correlated to the FWHM of the measurement system. The lower the FWHM is, the better is the achievable resolution.

Confocal Principle

The confocal principle is based on a mechanical height scan with steps within the submicrometer range. During the mechanical scanning process, a stack of pictures is taken within a couple of seconds. The confocal microscope uses a spinning microlens disc for the areal scan. This innovative approach ensures a bright illumination, consequently reliable measurements can even be taken from strong absorbing or low reflecting objects.

Fully Focussed Image

With a confocal measurement system a fully focussed image representing the object relfectivity and structure is composed from the sharply imaged postions of the image stack acquired during a depth scan. This image is in contrast to conventional microscopic images completly focussed.

Field Size (F.N.)

Microscopic instruments usually have a limited field size when using off-the-shelf optics. Commonly lenses of one series have the same field number. The field number describes the maximal size of the intermediate image when using a 1x tube lens and it marks the area for which imaging errors are corrected. Common field numbers range between 25 mm and 30 mm. The actual field size of an image and accordingly the magnification are calculated from the nominal magnification of the front lens in combination with the focal length of the tube lens and the size of the image sensor.


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